More Than Honey

More Than Honey

“If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would only have four years left to live.”

– Einstein

Unless you spread honey on your toast, or add it to your smoothies, the likelihood is, you wouldn’t have stopped to think about the incredible role bees play in helping to produce at least a third of all the food we eat – from almonds, to cherries, apples and apricots, without bees, we risk losing an awful lot of the food that sustains us.

More Than Honey is an interesting documentary that takes one through the various aspects of running successful hives in the Swiss Alps, to utilising bees for commercial work, through to the studies people in Germany and Australia are doing to not only learn about bees and the way they work, but how we can best protect them going forward.

Not only is this documentaries cinematography enough to captivate you for a little over an hour and a half, the narration by David Attenborough has you wanting to learn more about this insects by the minute.  It touches on the issues that currently surround bees – from what’s causing bees to die in rapid numbers, through to the area in China that have to pollinate by human hand because bees cannot survive there.

If you’re looking for a light hearted, educational documentary it’s well worth the watch. We can promise you you’ll never think of bees the way you used to.

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