Your planet needs you!

Your planet needs you!

There’s no denying it—the next generation are going to witness the affects of the climate crisis greater than any other generation before them. It’s also becoming abundantly clear that they’re ready to put up a fight. If you have a mini Greta Thunberg on your hands, there are now picture books ready to help answer all their curious questions.

Enter Your planet needs you!, A picture book “packed with simple and entertaining ways that kids and their families can reduce, re-use, recycle, renew and really get involved in cleaning up our planet.”

Educating your kids on how garbage affects the environment has never been easier (or cuter). 

Renowned for his picture books, Bunting has filled Your planet needs you! with gorgeous imagery to keep your kids engaged while learning everything they need to know about sustainability. 

Learn how to start a compost bin, or how to use and old egg carton to sprout your very own seedlings. Get tips on cool things you can do with empty tin cans or an old pair of socks, and discover how long different things take to decompose – from an apple core to a gumboot to a plastic bag. With a positive outlook and a generous dollop of humour, Your Planet Needs You! shows that taking care of our environment can be both fun and rewarding.”

Why not start the journey early? 

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