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These days it seems as though there is an ethical alternative for everything. Ethical skincare? Yep. Ethical shoes? Uh-huh. Ethical fashion? Duh. What we don’t see everyday, however, is a company that offers eco-friendly and ethically-made toys. Well friends, today is that day.

Beebee+Bongo is a Singapore-based company working exclusively with Cambodian Knits Handmade, to create ethical, sustainable, high-quality, and eco-friendly children’s toys for play-based learning. The Beebee+Bongo team believes “in the power of humour and play to create connection”, which is why they are so driven to enhance the enjoyable interactions between children and their friends, parents, caregivers and teachers.

The toys

The Beebee+Bongo toys are crafted ethically and are, of course, safe to be used by children. The yarn Beebee+Bongo works with has been safety-tested and certified. Starting in 2022, they will be working with new suppliers who are GOTS, OEKO-TEX and SGS certified. This means the yarn is not only tested for chemicals, but produced in an ethical and eco-friendly way. As for the stuffing, it’s made from recycled PET bottles, and the educational Beebee+Bongo toys arrive at their new homes in fairly-made bags crafted from end-of-roll fabric.

The mission

Beebee+Bongo is more than an ethical toy company; they’re also a social enterprise that provides fair employment for women (and sometimes men) in Cambodia. Beebee+Bongo ensures the Cambodian mums, aunts and grandmothers that hand-craft the beautiful toys have fair and flexible employment opportunities. Furthermore, Cambodia Knits – Beebee+Bongo’s production partner – has World Fair Trade Organisation-aligned working conditions, including maternity leave, national healthcare and labour laws, as well as policies to prevent child labour, unfair subcontracting and risks. 

The waste

Beebee+Bongo is serious about minimal waste. Knitting and crocheting are by their very nature, minimal waste. Any unused end of yarn rolls are used to create sample toys during the production development process, and are then donated to local children’s organisations. Where possible they use eco-friendly packaging, and are constantly looking to refine their processes to be as environmentally-friendly in this regard.

Beebee+Bongo is a company we are immensely proud to be partnering with. Not only is this epic brand creating high-quality, eco-friendly, completely safe toys for play-based learning, but they’re using their business to generate positive social and environmental change. Honestly, if we were a toy brand, we’d be Beebee+Bongo.

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“When it comes to being socially conscious, there is rarely one ‘right’ answer. Our approach is simply to do our best, be as transparent as possible, and be ready and willing to change as new options/opportunities come along”.

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