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  • Circularity Circularity
  • Fair Fair
  • Gender Equality Gender Equality
  • Give Back Give Back
  • Made Locally Made Locally
  • Transparent Transparent

days: the present time

of: expressing the relationship between a part and a whole

grace: unmerited favour, seemingly effortless beauty


Founded in 2021, days of grace is a Melbourne-based ethically and socially conscious fashion label “built on a love for beauty, social justice, creativity, healing and restoration.” The well-made, hand-crafted garments bearing the days of grace name – from the large array of beautiful dresses to the gorgeous selection of versatile tops – are a testament to this philosophy. 

days of grace is their name, creating stylish, trans-seasonal garments (ethically) is their game.

All of the days of grace garments are crafted sustainably and ethically. Currently, days of grace employs one seamstress who brings all of the incredible designs to life. This seamstress works on her own property in a purpose-built facility, is provided with flexibility and a work/life balance, and is paid above the award wage. That’s what we love to hear.

days of grace is made-to-order.

The days of grace team has chosen a made-to-order mode of production, which essentially means that the garments are only created if and when they are ordered. By producing this way, days of grace is not only placing value on the exquisite garments, but is also reducing textile waste and overproduction by only creating what is necessary. 

Great love, care, and attention to detail are put into made-to-order items, and the days of grace garments are no different.

Sustainable fabrics and trims are used for the days of grace garments.

Natural and deadstock fabrics are used to create the trans-seasonal and versatile days of grace pieces. Cotton, organic cotton, eucalyptus, silk and linen are the natural fabrics of choice, and deadstock fabrics – leftover, unwanted or unused fabrics sourced from other manufacturers and designers – are utilised, too.

These fabrics are supplied by Fabric Merchants, Wall Fabrics and The Fabric Store, and the trims are sourced from Australian businesses, including zips from LZF, buttons, hooks and eyes from MRecht, and strap sliders from Etsy. As for the packaging, days of grace makes use of 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials for the tissue paper, boxes and postcards, as well as compostable mailers from The Better Packaging Co.

If you can’t already tell, we’re a little obsessed with days of grace. This Australian ethical fashion company is small but mighty, and the team is ensuring that every part of the business – from the way in which the garments are made to the materials used to package them out to you, the conscious consumer – is as ethically and sustainably conscious as possible.

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days of grace
“Due to a desire to create and the world's need for social justice, 'days of grace' was founded. It is built on a love for beauty, creativity, social justice, healing and restoration”.

Annie McLary


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