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  • Artisan Artisan
  • Fair Fair
  • Gender Equality Gender Equality
  • Give Back Give Back
  • Minimal Waste Minimal Waste
  • Natural Fibres Natural Fibres
  • Repurpose Repurpose
  • Transparent Transparent
  • Vegan Vegan

It’ll take just one look at a piece exclusive to this next brand for you to be completely sold on them, though it’s how their products are made and the processes at the forefront of the company’s operations that will leave you completely in awe.

A_C is the short form version of the company’s ethos: Ahimsa Collective. A_C is a vegan leather bag and accessories company fighting the good fight against environmentally and socially irresponsible business, and are doing their part to ensure they never become one. Although their exquisite products have to be seen to be believed, transparency and ethical and sustainable production are where A_C excels.

Tessa, A_C’s founder, knew from a young age that the global fashion industry was well overdue for a change up, and that is exactly what she has been trying to do ever since. What started as a product of one woman’s frustration with the wasteful fashion industry has blossomed into a thriving vegan leather goods business; a business that does immense good in a time of unseen wastage.

A_C’s materials of choice are cactus leather, pineapple leather, washable paper, deadstock, and recycled polyester, and each has been carefully selected because of its durability and sustainability. A_C has even thought about the afterlife of their products and their place in a circular economy, with their Buy Back Programme, Handbag Repairs and, eventually, their Preloved A_C Shop. 

A_C also put just as much thought into caring for their employees. They ensure healthy and safe working environment for all of their workers; no less than a minimum wage; no harassment or abuse in any way, shape or form; and no forced or child labour. The A_C team are adamant that “to produce sustainably, we must work ethically”, and this is an ethos we can definitely get around.

What’s more is $5 from every single A_C purchase goes directly towards developing sea forests off the Coast of Tasmania, an initiative of the Climate Foundation. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that when you buy an A_C bag or accessory, you are generating a much, much more positive impact than you will ever realise. 

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Tessa Carroll is putting "designer" and "sustainable" together with her company, A_C Official.
“Our intention is to keep creating demand for textile development and introducing it to the market to reduce the need for the current materials on offer”.

Tessa Carroll


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