Wardrobe Crisis Podcast

Wardrobe Crisis Podcast

Clare Press is one of those people that have this skill with interviewing people that makes it seem like more of a conversation you get to listen in on, rather than it be a set of interview questions. Luckily, she has recently utilised this skill by launching her own podcast tackling all things relating to the fashion system and it’s effects on people and the planet. She uncovers the real issues that the industry is currently facing from ethics and sustainability, through to consumerism, identity and creativity.

In her early episodes she has covered issues such as our overuse of plastic, the Rana Plaza incident, using fame for good and how getting dressed every morning is a political act, with some key figures in the world of fashion and sustainability.

As someone who consistently wants to learn more, but sometimes isn’t sure of where to start, this is it. Every Wednesday a new episode is released, and it offers a great way to easily digest some of the current pressing issues of our time leaving you having learnt more, but also inspired to make a change in your day to day life.

Listen to Wardrobe Crisis here.

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